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Learn how to lower employee turnover, ensure compliance, and empower your team with ease. 

Bridging the Gap Between Employee and Education

Who is Guided Green....

Guided Green was established with the mission of filling the needs of education in the cannabis cultivation space. We are seeing a worldwide lack of proper training and education within these facilities. Why does this matter? A lack of proper training leads to inconsistent growing methods, lower yields, the spread of disease and pests, inadequate grower safety, dangers to the consumer, lawsuits, and overall loss of revenue. 

Many times, growers are hired with little to no experience and are either expected to learn on the job or given improper training that does not align with the companies goals. Guided Green works with each facility on an individual level and curate's standard operational procedures that are based in education with an easy-to-follow step by step format.

About the CEO

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Kayla Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Guided Green Solutions. She founded this company after working and training at a medical cultivation facility in Missouri. She saw firsthand the consequences of a lack of compliance and education within the grow setting. She wanted to provide companies with a solution to help bridge the gap between education and grower. By using her real-world experience as well as the formal education she received from St. Louis University in Cannabis Science and Operations she is able to provide well written, credible materials. 


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"Currently, safety for the grower is the missing link in the American cannabis industry."

CEO I Kayla Sanchez

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